Hair Care Tips

Shampoo and deep condition your hair extensions before you install it!
Your Hair Extensions will last a minimum of 3-5 years with proper care and maintenance.
Here are a few tips to help you maintain your hair extensions:

Keep your hair extensions clean
Keeping your hair extension clean is very important to making them last longer. Dirty hair doesn’t move, shine, or respond well to other products. Be sure to wash your extensions at least once per week Always wash my hair going in a downward motion. Apply a deep moisturizing conditioner to your extensions. Always be sure to detangle before shampooing to minimize breakage. 

Deep Condition 
At least once per month, take the time to deep condition your hair. Deep conditioning helps to rehabilitate damaged extensions, back to their healthiest state. In particular with wavy and curly texture, deep conditioning helps the hair to retain moisture for the best manageability.  

Air Dry
Limit the amount of heat exposed to your hair extensions by skipping the hair dryer. When time permits, we always recommend allowing your hair extensions to air dry. Hair dryers can pull moisture from the hair, causing the hair to become brittle and more susceptible breakage.  

Before Bed
Never sleep on wet hair, this will cause matting and tangling. We recommend you wrap, braid or twist at night before going to bed. We also recommend using a satin bonnet and pillowcase to minimize tangling while asleep.

Less is More
For the best results, refrain from using products that contain heavy oils, alcohol, and sulfate.

You can basically do anything with our hair; curl, color, brush, comb, and flat iron it to any style just like your natural hair. If you are not familiar with coloring hair please take your extensions to a professional colorist!!!

Most Importantly Have Fun In Your Extensions, Because You Deserve It!